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Every Company Has a Unique Situation with Unique Goals

It is very important to us that every client we work with is a great fit and we are the right partner for their specific situation. The more we know about your unique situation and goals, the better we can help provide real value to your organization.

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Please be as thorough and specific as possible when describing your situation. The more we know the better we can help. Once we hear back from you, the next step will be for us to schedule a phone call.


“Lukas has a natural, instinctive product insight that matches the best visionaries I have ever worked with and his discipline for execution is unparalleled. In an extremely short time period, Lukas and his team were able to help us figure out who, when and how we should be marketing our product. They were the driving force in implementing our hugely successful growth strategy which we continue to leverage to this day.”

Jeff Whelpley

CTO, Swish.com

“Over and over, I’ve seen how skilled Lukas and his team are at distilling complex problems down to simple solutions. Whenever I’m looking for the most effective way to communicate highly technical topics to my audience, I go to Lukas, and he’s always got a fresh, elegant approach. This kind of elegance also shows up in the apps he develops: modern, clean, and simple–the way they should be.”

Ryan Chenkie

CEO, Elevate Digital Inc

“We had many options for other agencies but knew we made the right choice just a few weeks into the engagement when Lukas and team offered solutions to potential problems we didn’t foresee. The VenturPlex team feels like a partner with a vested interest in our success, which makes for a long-term relationship between our companies!”

Todd Crookshank

CEO, Ticket Surge

“Working with Lukas is exciting because he listens and builds lesson plans around what your team needs to succeed. Not only does Lukas have an incredible grasp of emerging technologies, he deeply cares about each and every person he works with. He moved a mountain for myself and coworker and has made a friend for life.”

Kyle Cannon

Senior Software Engineer, PlayStation

“Amongst his many qualities, Lukas has the mastered ability to fully engage with his audience in order to provide meaningful context to the material at hand. In an ever faster changing technical landscape, having the ability to communicate why a given technology will be the best tool for a given project is the key that VenturPlex provides to its customers.”

Xavier Lozinguez

Senior Staff Engineer, Yieldmo

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