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We help companies ensure important work doesn't get deprioritized over urgent work.

Having adequate and qualified resources that can deliver on time gives you the freedom to focus on growing your company instead of playing catch up.

The Benefits of a Staff Augmentation

Having enough of the right resources ensures that all your important work gets done right.

1. Priority

By supplementing your existing teams with qualified developers, you can give important work the priority it deserves.

2. Efficiency

Having the right team in place allows you to efficiently execute on key objectives to grow your company.

3. Opportunity

Effective execution creates momentum which leads to new opportunities that were not previously possible within your organization.

3-Step Plan For A Staffing Your Team

Our simple 3-step plan will assure that you are set up to succeed, conserve resources, shorten the development timeline, and proceed with clarity and efficiency in the achievement of your company objectives.


We will conduct a “whiteboard session” virtually or in person where we collaboratively work together to discuss your situation and immediate steps you can take to get started in the right direction. This is not only value packed with great advice, but it allows us to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit for your organization.


We will then collaborate with your team to understand the concrete details of your technical situation, and then formulate a plan for providing the right resources in the right places so you can execute on your current objectives.


We will then onboard our staffing resources into your team and ensure that they are up to speed and executing according to plan.

“Lukas has a natural, instinctive product insight that matches the best visionaries I have ever worked with and his discipline for execution is unparalleled. In an extremely short time period, Lukas and his team were able to help us figure out who, when and how we should be marketing our product. They were the driving force in implementing our hugely successful growth strategy which we continue to leverage to this day.”

Jeff Whelpley

CTO, Swish.com

“Over and over, I’ve seen how skilled Lukas and his team are at distilling complex problems down to simple solutions. Whenever I’m looking for the most effective way to communicate highly technical topics to my audience, I go to Lukas, and he’s always got a fresh, elegant approach. This kind of elegance also shows up in the apps he develops: modern, clean, and simple–the way they should be.”

Ryan Chenkie

CEO, Elevate Digital Inc

“We had many options for other agencies but knew we made the right choice just a few weeks into the engagement when Lukas and team offered solutions to potential problems we didn’t foresee. The VenturPlex team feels like a partner with a vested interest in our success, which makes for a long-term relationship between our companies!”

Todd Crookshank

CEO, Ticket Surge

“Working with Lukas is exciting because he listens and builds lesson plans around what your team needs to succeed. Not only does Lukas have an incredible grasp of emerging technologies, he deeply cares about each and every person he works with. He moved a mountain for myself and coworker and has made a friend for life.”

Kyle Cannon

Senior Software Engineer, PlayStation

“Amongst his many qualities, Lukas has the mastered ability to fully engage with his audience in order to provide meaningful context to the material at hand. In an ever faster changing technical landscape, having the ability to communicate why a given technology will be the best tool for a given project is the key that VenturPlex provides to its customers.”

Xavier Lozinguez

Senior Staff Engineer, Yieldmo

Companies We Have Loved Working With

Why A Whiteboard Session? What Is It?

One of the most common problems we encounter is a disconnect between the goals of the organizations and the developer resources to support it. We have uncovered profound insights with our customers by taking the time to understand what their company is really trying to achieve, and then aligning their architecture to support that. We find it deeply satisfying to provide immediate value to prospective clients from the very first conversation which is why we invite them to participate in a “whiteboard session” where we listen to their situation and provide them with action steps they can take right away. The goal is not to convert customers, but to provide value and start a great relationship. We believe good things happen when good things happen.

How Does It Work?

A “whiteboard session” can either happen virtually or in person. Starting by discussing your business and current situation, we will contribute insights to your available options, and answer any questions you may have. After the working session, we will often go the extra mile by researching the situation you are experiencing and how to best achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

What Do I Get?

We will then deliver a report summarizing the major takeaways including expert insights into the various options you can pursue. Most importantly, the deliverables from the “whiteboard session” are stand-alone and portable, and you can use them however you see fit. It is not uncommon for a great working rapport to be established at this point with clear, visible areas for VenturPlex to help clients execute on their strategic plan, and yet we arrived at this point in an “easy-out” arrangement that provides significant value regardless of the outcome.

Proceeding Without A Clear Plan Is Expensive!

Most people have had the unfortunate experience of working in an environment that lacks clarity and purpose. In this situation morale is low, efforts are diminished, goals seem distant and unattainable, and attrition is usually high. When you fail to know clearly where you are going and what you need to do to get there, you waste valuable time and resources spinning your wheels.

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